Facilitating Mindfulness (September 2018)

In this 12-minute video, the concept of mindfulness is discussed and HAP team members describe their experiences learning and practicing mindfulness:

Holistic Arts-Based Program

In this 2.52 minute video, HAP is described. Just click on the title above. Made by Nicholas Schwabe, fall 2017.

Holistic Arts-Based Group Program Extended

In this film, two Laurentian University Concurrent Education students share their experiences of participating in our 12-week arts-based mindfulness group program called HAP (Holistic Arts-Based Program). The students experienced both personal and professional benefits.

Self-Growth and Group Work

ln this short claymation film, youth who participated in our arts-based mindfulness group program, express their experiences.

Kaarina’s Story

In this short film, one of the participants in our arts-based mindfulness group program describes the group program and talks about her experiences.

Arts-Based Group Work With Children

This 20-minute film describes our arts-based group work with children. It is aimed at helping/health practitioners and students who are interested in exploring and facilitating holistic arts-based methods and mindfulness-based practices with children.